Nasal Aspirator


The Rumble Tuff Nasal Aspirator is the best way to provide your baby with instant, gentle relief from a runny or stuffy nose. The clear silicone tip is easily removable for cleaning and the dual-chamber design is hygienically safe.

  • Features

    1. Safe Mouthpiece The soft silicone mouthpiece, with flower petal design, guards against over insertion.
    2. Easy to Clean The mucus trapped in the silicone chamber tip is easily cleaned by pinching together the chamber walls to open the back cover. Simply rinse under warm soapy water to sanitize.
    3. Dual Chamber Design The Rumble Tuff Nasal Aspirator is the only one with a dual chamber design that safely separates the mucus. The small chamber in the tip traps the mucus while the larger blue chamber keeps the suction tube sanitized.
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