With the Might Tyke Duo Double Electric Breast Pump, easily change between 2 Expression Programs and up to 9 levels of suction. Its lightweight design, rechargeable battery, and convenient belt clip provide more freedom and greater mobility while pumping.

Mighty Tyke Duo

    1. Lightweight Pumps weighs 0.5 lbs.
    2. Detachable Breastshield Body Provides extra comfort for engorged breasts.
    3. Anti-Backflow Diaphragm A closed-system diaphragm prevents milk backflow from entering tubing or motor.
    4. Dustproof Cover Plastic cap covers the vacuum inlet to protect from dust and debris during storage and transportation.
    5. Built-In Belt Clip Provides more freedom and greater mobility.
    6. Expression Pattern Lights Shows simple indication of the operating pattern.
    7. Vacuum Adjusting Buttons Adjust the suction to the level you find most comfortable.
    8. LED Display The suction levels of the swift and the natural expression modes will be showed in numbers on the display.
    9. Built-In Li-Ion Battery Rechargeable (non-replaceable), low-maintenance, and consistent power during every pumping session. Good for 20-miutes sessions.
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