Easy Express


The Easy Express Single Electric Breast Pump can easily change between 4 preset speed settings and 7 levels of suction for each speed. This lightweight pump is easy to transport and easy to use.

  • Features

    1. Anti-Backflow Diaphragm A closed-system prevents milk backflow from entering tubing or electric motor.
    2. LED Display Provides visual status of programs and functions.
    3. Vacuum Adjusting Wheel Allows user to manually adjust between 7 levels of suction strength.
    4. Expression Button Toggles between 4 speed settings: 2 stimulation settings and 2 expression settings.


  • Included Accessories

    • Expression Collection Combo Kit
    • Silicone Cushion
    • Bottle Adapter Kit
    • One-Way Valve & O-Ring
    • Single Vacuum Tubing & Adapter
    • 12V AC/DC Adapter
    • Carrying Tote 
    • User Manual
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