The lightweight Breeze Double Electric Breast Pump has a unique 3 Phase Expression programming and up to 10 levels of suction for each phase. It is specially designed to provide powerful suction in half the time and can quickly convert into a manual pump when needed.

  • Features

    3 Expression Phases

    Reflex, Swift, and Natural Expression Phases accurately mimic the pumping pattern of a hungry baby, younger baby, and older baby.


    Better Programming

    8 suction levels in Swift Expression and 10 suction levels in Natural Expression


    Smooth Suction Transition

    Each change of suction level transitions gradually without creating stress or shock to the nipple.


    Double Vacuum Chamber

    Achieves desired suction level faster, reduces motor noise, and extends the life of the motor.


    LCD Display

    Provides visual status of programs and functions.


    Built-In Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

    Pumps 4 times a day without the worry of running out of power.


    3 Power Options

    Powered by the 9V AC Adapter, the built-in rechargeable battery, or, when power is not available, simply convert one of the Collection Kits into a Manual Pump.


    Memory Function

    Records and recalls personal pumping preferences. Best fits preemie's mother who needs more stimulation time than expression time.


    Closed system

    Each Rumble Tuff Electric Breast Pump equips with Collection Kits that consist of the Anti-Backflow Diaphragm to prevent milk backflow into the tubing and pump unit, and no filter is needed.


    Dust Cover

    Built-in dust cover prevents debris from entering the pump unit.


    Dual Control Button

    Controls the Expression Mode and suction levels with one lighted control button, visible even in the dark.


    Front Access User Interface

    Controls and accesses the pump from the front and on the top of the pump.


    Streamline Design

    An elegant design makes the pump more presentable in a living room setting.


    Clock, Timer, and Alarm Functions

    Keep track of usage time and set an alarm for the next pumping session.


    Lightweight Design

    Pump unit wieght is only 11.6 ounces.


    Single or Double Pumping

    Switches easily between double pumping and single pumping.


    Drying Bag

    Included Drying Mesh Bag allows user to air dry Collection Kits after cleaning.

  • Included Accessories

    • Expression Collection Combo Kits (2)
    • Silicone Cushions (2)
    • Bottle Adapter Kits (2)
    • Membrane Valves (2)
    • Double Vacuum Tubing & Adapter
    • 9V AC/DC Power Adapter
    • Manual Diaphragm Add-On Kit
    • Mesh Drying Bag
    • Carrying Tote
    • User Manual
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