2018 Expression Collection Combo Kit (Double)



  • 2 5 oz. Bottles (Standard)
  • 2 25mm Breastshield Bodies
  • 2 Membrane Valves
  • 2 Bottle Adapter Rings (Standard)
  • 2 Bottle Bases (Standard)


Compatible with all Rumble Tuff electric breast pumps.

  • Features

    1. Anti-Backflow Diaphragm A closed-system diaphragm prevents milk backflow from entering the tubing or motor.
    2. Detachable Flange Flange is now detachable so the user can change to different sizes according to needs.
    3. Hinge for Hands-Free Device We have designed a unique Hands-Free Device to fit our new Expression Collection Combo Kit. This featue allows the user to take full advantage of the small portable design of our pumps and does not require the user to hold the collection bottles while pumping. 
    4. One-Piece Breastshield Body The Diaphragm Cup and the Breast Shield Body are now in one piece, reducing the number of parts, and creating a unique feature for the hands-free option.
    5. Improved Membrane Valves The new Membrane Valves not only eliminate the problem of duckbill valves, they are also designed to stay with the housing while cleaning so the membrane will not be lost or damaged while cleaning. It is now harder to damage, easier to assemble or disemble, and easier to clean.
    6. Standard Bottles The standard mouth bottle allows the user to use any standard bottle on the market.
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