How to Use Pumpin’ Pals by Rumble Tuff

There are 2 ways to use the Pumpin’ Pals by Rumble Tuff Silicone Breastshields:

Option #1 Using the HF Breastshield Body, firmly insert the collar into the breastshield body opening. Insert the pink or blue silicone flange into the collar.

Option #2

Insert the silicone flange, in its collar, into the tunnel of your Rumble Tuff 25mm Breastshield. You will need to use your finger to remove the collar for washing after pumping.

X-Small (Blue) and Small (Pink) Silicone Breastshields

These instructions are for the Silicone Breastshields only.

To pump with your silicone flanges, start with your pump on an expression setting which is comfortable for you then use one of these methods to position your nipple in the tunnel. Remember, the silicone shield is specifically designed to keep tissue out of the flange tunnel so you might have to coax your nipple into the tunnel.

Method 1: With your pump on an expression setting that is comfortable for you, bend back the funnel and position over the nipple using both hands, as shown. Let the pump suction hold you in place while you gently fold back the flange onto your breast. Be careful to not let the breastshield snap back!

Method 2: With your pump on an expression setting that is comfortable for you, work your nipple into the tunnel of the shield, as you would work your hand into a rubber glove, eliminating any space between your areola and the silicone.

Pumpin’ Pals by Rumble Tuff Hard Plastic Breastshields

When using the Medium Breastshield, for the most secure fit, use shield-in-shield with the 25mm breastshield that came with your pump. When using the HF Breastshield Body, ensure the shield and breastshield body fit together securely.

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