Dangle What???

Dangle Pumping is a method that utilizes gravity to better assist in pulling milk from the breasts; it can also help with remove clogged ducts.

How to Dangle Pump

In a comfortable sitting position, lean forward far enough for your breasts to hang with nipples pointed toward the floor. Position the flange/breast shield properly and begin pumping as usual. You can optimize the pumping session by doing breast compression and breast massage. Dangle pumping may be especially helpful with removing clogged ducts.

Here are several suggestions to help you feel comfortable while pumping:

  • Using a bolster or pillow (which you may need to fold in half), lean over it while you’re sitting comfortably. Place the pillow on your lap, against your belly, and lean forward over it to hold yourself in the dangle position. To catch any spillage, you may want to have a towel over the pillow.

  • A stool may come in handy if you need to elevate your feet.

  • A large towel rolled into a log may offer more support.

  • Rest your head on a surface such as a desk, table, countertop, or bed for more support. A towel or baby blanket under your head may make you more comfortable.

  • After a C-Section a bolster or pillow may be uncomfortable to use. Simply lean forward using your elbow and forearm to rest across your knees may be more comfortable.

  • Think of what you have or need to keep yourself comfortable during your pumping session. Your comfort is important and will help with milk removal.

Dangle nursing or dangle feeding can be used during breastfeeding. Though this position is not commonly used for regular breastfeeding sessions, it may be favorable in relieving clogged ducts. Get on all fours and hover over baby while they feed on their back. Make sure to aim baby’s chin toward the clog as this is where the greatest suction originates. Depending on the age of the baby, you may need to put support object on both sides of the baby to keep them in place.

About the Author:

This article was written by Stephany Ley, BS, IBCLC. She spends her time serving the families in her community as a lactation consultant, providing prenatal and lactation support. Stephany states, “My hope is that by helping people start off strong with love and care, it will help build a foundation for a strong and loving future.”

She and her family reside in the Central Florida area.


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